Fat Transplant

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What is a fat transplant?

It improves areas of the face and the rest of the body, using the fat extracted from other areas.

Fat transfer, also called fat grafting, fat injections, or lipo-filling, is a procedure that uses a person’s fat to fill in other areas with irregularities or grooves.

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The necessary fat is obtained by limited liposculpture through one or several incisions (between 3 and 5 mm), usually from the abdomen or inner thigh. The aspirated fat is processed by centrifugation, filtration, or washing. As a result, we obtained liquid and pure fatty tissue ready for injection in the desired area.

The fat is then injected when this is necessary. The fat is evenly distributed in the area by injecting small amounts into the tissues in such a way that the injected fat is surrounded by healthy tissue. This ensures that the transplanted fat remains in contact with surrounding tissues that must supply oxygen and nutrients.

Recommended for sunken cheeks, the disappearance of fat from the cheekbones, deep furrows that go from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and in some cases, the lines between the lower eyelid, cheek, and lip augmentation.


Approximately one hour, depending on the extent of the areas to be treated.


Local anesthesia and venous sedation are used to infiltrate both the donor area and the area to be treated.


It can be with hospital admission and on an outpatient basis.

Side Effects

In the donor area bruising, swelling, hypersensitivity may appear. In the treated area: bruising, swelling (especially when lips are treated), and/or transient hypersensitivity.

The treated areas will be more swollen immediately after the operation, especially when the labial area is treated. Therefore, using a cold compress in the first hours is important to minimize inflammation.

The swelling increases until the third day and gradually decreases until it disappears.


Asymmetry, irregularities, overcorrection (overcorrection), and infection.


The swelling usually subsides after the third day, and social activities can be resumed after a week, sometimes with the help of a little makeup.


Reduction of deep wrinkles and folds. The increase in the volume of the treated areas, such as cheekbones, cheeks, and chin. A positive associated effect can be the improvement of the quality of the skin that covers it. After the body absorbs a percentage of the transferred fat (between 20 and 50%), the improvement can generally be considered permanent. The results may vary according to each person.

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