Breast Revision Surgery

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What is breast revision surgery?

Improves or corrects the results of a previously performed cosmetic breast surgery.

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The most common reasons for needing breast revision surgery are implant rupture, implant change (size or type), capsular contracture, implant malposition, “double bubble” deformity, or a combination of several. When a breast implant is inserted, the body forms a scar around it as part of the natural healing process, called a capsule. The capsule can sometimes (when pathological) squeeze and compress the implant creating a distorted breast shape. The goal of revision surgery is to help restore a more youthful contour and attractive appearance.


From one to two hours, depending on the problem to be treated.


Local anesthesia can be combined with intravenous sedation, general anesthesia, and a regional block.


Done on an outpatient basis or with admission.

Side Effects

At first, there may be swelling or even discoloration. There may also be changes in the nipple or breast tenderness.


Risks include adverse reactions to anesthesia, accumulation of excess blood (that may have to be surgically drained), and infection.


The patient should be able to return to normal activities within seven to ten days, depending on the type of work. Special care should be taken with the breasts (breasts) for at least one month after surgery.


They will depend on the laxity of the patient’s breast or the resulting flaccidity after having children or losing excess weight. They are generally stable and durable. However, gravity and the effects of aging can eventually alter the size and shape of the breasts in almost any woman. Results may vary according to each patient.

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