Thigh Lift

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What is a thigh lift?

Improves the appearance of the medial and upper thighs.

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Thigh reduction involves a variety of operations that remove skin and fat from the upper part of the leg (the thigh) to improve its silhouette by removing soft tissue.


Two to four hours, it depends on the amount of tissue removed. It typically requires a change of position (from anterior to posterior and vice versa) and re-preparation of the surgical field and the patient each time a change of position is made.


General anesthesia or local anesthesia, along with intravenous sedation, can be used.


It can be done with hospital admission or on an outpatient basis.

Side Effects

The most common is wound dehiscence at the intersection of suture lines in the groin, caused by excessive tightness of the thigh closure caused by inappropriate patient movement. Likewise, widened scars may occur due to excessive tension in these areas.


Infections, bruises, and fluid retention. Pulmonary embolism is a remote possibility.


Requires 3 to 4 weeks of restricted movement: do not spread your legs or bend them excessively. Better to do it in the colder months of the year since it is important to wear the special postoperative pressure garment to help recovery.


The results can be visible for several years unless the patient gains weight or, if she is a woman, becomes pregnant; it is recommended to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. The results may vary according to each person.

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