Breast Lift with Bodytite

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What is a breast lift with bodytite?

Procedure in which a breast lift is performed without scars, by reaffirmation of the tissue only with fractional radiofrequency.


Fractionated radiofrequency causes skin tightening by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.


2 hours


  • Sedation + local
  • General
  • Region Lock



Side Effects

Possible effects associated with the procedure include:

  • Asymmetry in the breasts
  • Blisters or minor burns (rare)
  • Seromas (small cyst formation of clear fluid)


Infection, asymmetry, skin rippling, pigmentation changes (hypo/hyper), skin damage, fluid retention, and/or excessive blood and/or fluid loss.


1 week. The patient will be able to return to work after six to ten days. Activities that require more effort can be resumed after two to four weeks. The feeling of swelling and bruising will disappear in a period of one to six months, depending on the amount of fat removed and the areas treated.


Increase in the firmness and tension of the breast tissue, this can be affected again by the passage of time, pregnancy and weight variations.

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