Body Lift

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What is a body lift?

Improves the appearance of both the upper and lower abdomen from the front to the back.

It is a surgery that helps to eliminate excessive skin sagging both in the upper and lower part.

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The circular abdominoplasty consists of a circumferential removal of excess skin and fat from the waist (or belt line). The advantage of this extensive tissue removal is that laxity above the buttocks is eliminated, which has a slight lifting effect on the buttocks. Sometimes the fat from this area is used for buttock augmentation, thus restoring flattened buttocks to a more youthful shape and projecting profile. The surgery typically begins with the patient in the prone position (face down), and once the surgery on the buttocks and lower back is complete, the patient is turned (face down). above) so that a tummy tuck can be performed in the anterior area, thus completing the circular tummy tuck.

Torsoplasty consists of the removal or removal of excess skin from the torso (upper back) in order to improve the upper figure, eliminating sagging skin.


Between three and a half and five hours.


Anesthesia with regional blockade and intravenous sedation is normally used.


Due to the length and nature of the procedure, an overnight hospital stay is generally required.

Side Effects

Suture dehiscence may occur in the area above the buttocks (due to the patient’s tendency to bend their waist forward in the normal hygiene process, which pulls the closing sutures), this may cause a widening of the scar on the back. There may also be numbness in the area above the incisions, as well as residual flaccidity or some irregularities in the skin, swelling, pain or tenderness in the surrounding areas.


Infection, bleeding at the incision or under the skin flap, embolism (blood clot traveling into the circulation), pathological scarring (keloids), or widening of it.


Recovery could be prolonged due to the need to avoid bending at the waist for a month until the proper healing of the tissues.


The results will be visible for years, except in the event that the patient gains excessive weight or, if she is a woman, becomes pregnant. The results may vary according to each person.

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