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What is a mini-abdominoplasty?

Improves the appearance of the abdominal area.

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A mini-abdominoplasty consists of the removal of excess suprapubic skin, along with the removal of fat using liposuction techniques. The patient should have minimal or moderate excess skin, along with a small excess of fat, together with minimal or moderate muscle flaccidity. The surgeon will remove excess suprapubic skin, aspirate excess abdominal fat and in cases of flaccidity, the most medial area of ​​abdominal skin will be removed. Finally, the skin is sutured, preserving the navel in place.


Two to four hours, it depends on the amount of tissue removed. It typically requires a change of position (from anterior to posterior and vice versa) and re-preparation of the surgical field and the patient each time a change of position is made.


This surgical procedure can be performed under epidural block or under local anesthesia and sedation, according to the preferences of the patient/surgeon.


It can be performed with hospital admission or on an outpatient basis.

Side Effects

Infection, bruising, slow healing, pathological healing (keloid) in patients with this predisposition, and postoperative complications. Hyposensitivity or numbness of the abdominal skin will resolve over several months.


In young or healthy patients, the risk is low. Although pulmonary embolism is possible, it is very rare.


Postoperative pain is minimized with the use of long-acting local anesthetics. Perform care for seven to ten postoperative days. An elastic compression garment for the abdomen should be worn for four weeks.


The results will be visible for a few years unless the patient gains weight or, if she is a woman, becomes pregnant. The results may vary according to each person.

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